Sunday, June 16, 2019


Trendy or timeless?  We shall see, but for now, I am totally in love with my pouf from the Zazzle website!

Its an exra seat, a footstool, a side table for a tray with tea.  
So many possibilities!!
Use at a wedding shoot for a lovely bridal perch, or in photo shoots to display product, or a very comfy seat at your craft and sewing room work table.   (my current use)
Also would make a fabulous, durable seat for a children's play room.

I am creating several versions for my LilyOake shop on the Zazzle website.
Click here for the direct link to this one.
Jane's Rose Bouquet POUF
The pattern is Jane's Rose Bouquet in sorbet pink.
The top is solid pink with a lovely English rose bouquet.
The sides are pink and white wide stripes with the same rose bouquet while the base is faded basil green gingham.

Best yet, the polyester canvas cover is removable and washable!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Aqua Blue Room

Hello Everyone!

I am continuing my love affair with wallpaper and have stepped it up a notch by choosing a jumbo-sized print for the spare/2nd bedroom in my tiny Virginia cottage.

EMALYN in aqua is my choice - a slightly different blue then the one I usually use but I felt it would work best in the NW room where its not always the brightest.
This aqua blue also reminds me of the glorious summer days spent at the beautiful beaches of Virginia, where I recently moved.
Nothing but wonderful memories to carry me through the winter months!

I splurged and bought the new chaise by Shabby Chic, in pool velvet (a heavenly shade of pale minty green on a soft, low-pile velvet).  But because I am a fur baby mama, I need to be able to wash everything because of cat hair and an occasional barf, so I prefer slipcovering my furniture.
And slips work out so well!!  I can freshen up anything with one washing.

I prefer the linen cotton canvas by Spoonflower because its a pliable, soft canvas that is durable and washes well.  I also love the look of linen and this delivers on all points!
Emalyn will also be the fabric I use for the curtains (also in linen cotton canvas).

I'll coordinate the floral print Emalyn, with a soft aqua and white stripe (MERLE STRIPE).  It will edge the curtains and be the custom piping on the chaise slipcover.
Aqua gingham and an aqua toile on white will also sneak into the room on various accessories.

I will begin the work after the new year - need to get through the holidays first, but the planning is part of the fun!

Any projects planned for January?

Emalyn linen cotton canvas in aqua, Merle Stripe cotton poplin in aqua and Emalyn wallpaper in aqua

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cottage Bedroom Wallpaper

Wallpaper is going up in my new Virginia cottage!

I love Jane's Rose Bouquet in faded blueberry.
It was the pattern I chose for my old Seattle cottage dining room.
I decided to use it in my new bedroom too.  Then I can recycle the gorgeous curtains I'd made to coordinate with it.

So far one wall has been completed - need to put a bed together and organize my boxes of clothing before I can hang the rest around the room.
But what fun I am having and how gorgeous the room will look when its all done!

The clock was a Goodwill find.  It was dark stained, hand made and plaid when I found it.
I added ormolu and painted, gilded the clock.
The interior is lined with a soft blueberry and white rose paper I decoupaged on.
I need to change the battery in order for it to work but who cares if its not keeping time?  It works wonders for my soul, for its beauty alone.  lol

Adding Color to My Living Room

I am a blue and white person through and through!
I usually add color to my rooms with flowers (whether fresh or faux) and accessories.
I know pillows are accessories too but I had always chosen blue and white pillows too, not wanting too much alternate color changing the mood of the beach blue rooms I was creating.
But now in a smaller home with white slip covered furniture, and a need to find homes/new uses for several pillows I pulled from my ETSY store stock, I decided to use them in my own living room.

I'm so glad I did!
They added a new life to the room and actually enhances the blue and white I already had going on.
Now I realize the full potential pillows can make in a room!
I think the burst of color through my floral pillows (even though my color ways are pastels) can bring a sense of romanticism to the room.

The pillows are in linen cotton canvas in the pattern ROSEWITHA on peony pink, aqua, or basil stripes.  Its a favorite look of mine, flowers with stripes.

I also experimented with one yard samples of other patterns, tossed over the back of a chair.
Harald Check in peony and Bridal Suite in buttercup.
Both lovely and possible choices for future slip covers!!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

New Beginnings

I guess I had known for awhile that I had felt dead in the water in Seattle.  What kept me there was a great paying job (although I was bored to death with it), and of course my house, many wonderful friends and familiarity.
I had been in Seattle 33 years - my entire adult life.
The only memories I had of living anywhere else were childhood memories of growing up in rural Wisconsin.

But I decided at one point in the past two years that I needed something new, something challenging.
After my last relationship ended, it became clear I didn't have the heart to continue to do what needed to be done to make ends meet in the expensive housing market Seattle had become.
I had tried hosting students, roommates, working 2 or 3 jobs at the same time - all had benefits but also major drawbacks.

Then I realized it wasn't just the high cost of living in Seattle that was making my eye wander, but the fact that I was actually bored there too.

I know, its still a beautiful landscape nestled between 2 stunning mountain ranges, on the Puget Sound.  And the city, growing in leaps and bounds,  has become way more exciting.
But I never was a coniferous tree person, I rarely took the ferries or hiked the deep wood. The ocean was a long ways away, it rains all the time (the grey drizzle does get to you!) and I rarely got downtown where the excitement was happening.

I seemed to have either outgrown the city or it grew away from me.

My romantic, floral art seemed to be passed over for industrial, retro coldness and lack of soft colors.
I enjoyed participating in art studio tours in my neighborhood and developed friendships within the art community I really cherish.  But my style was more traditional, southern and romantic.

So the day came when I decided to be brave, courageous and adventuress and take that leap - sell my cottage and move on to new experiences.
Leaving behind friends (whom I still text/chat with frequently, as I did when still there), and a job that was not always comfortable or guaranteed, but had become boring an tedious.
And leaving behind familiarity of how the PNW worked, the people interacted and the weather patterns.
But also leaving behind a dull pattern of living my days had fallen into.

Time for a change before I got too old.  Time to sell before the housing market bubble burst!
After considerable looking, reading and exploring online, I decided Richmond, VA was my target.
Its central to so many cool places on the east coast, has a ton of historical sites to explore, and is still a very affordable place to live.  The housing market is just taking off (so perhaps within 5-7 years I can again sell my house for a good profit).
But buying a house outright would give me stability and ease of mind, too.  No longer would I need to entertain foreign students who take 2 hour showers and belch at the dinner table,  or roommates who treat my expensive antique china like paper plates, or work 2 to 3 jobs to make ends meet with a burdensome high mortgage and property taxes.

So, long story short, a 3000 mile road trip, a great experience with PODS, and a tiny cottage all my own in a soon-to-be, up-and-coming neighborhood in Richmond, I have made the change I so needed to make, to try and spark some new enthusiasm in my life and art.

Of course my first thought was to decorate!  LOL

So here are choices I have made thus far, regarding wallpapering my new cottage.
All blue & white, but faded and soft colors that won't overpower the small rooms.
There's a bit of work needed to the house - the yard needs to be fenced and landscaped and the majority of my boxes still need to be unpacked and put away into IKEA furniture I have been busy building. (woe to my right hand's palm, with the hole worn in the skin from using a  screw driver, lol)

I took screenshots of the papers I will use for each room.
They are all available in my LilyOake shop on the Spoonflower website.
(Fabrics, wallpapers and gift wrap!)

As I decorate, I will be posting more images but first the house needs to be unpacked, furniture built and my studio set up - its always the last thing to be completed, for some reason, even though its first on my mind every day when I wake up!
The same lovely print i used in my last bedroom will now grace the walls and windows of my new compact living/dining room 

A fun way to bring some color and brightness to a small kitchen.

My art studio needs to be beautiful and inspiring and I can't think of a better way to do that then wallpaper in Olivia in faded blueberry.  Flowers are the essence of my design and train of thought.

The north facing bathroom needs some life and light so Aylen in faded blueberry is a newer pattern I designed.  I thought it needed showcasing so my own bathroom will be papered in this soft but lively pattern.

Even the hallway is getting wallpapered!  A hallway in a small house can seem like an entire room on its own.  Its an important pass through between 4 rooms and has high ceilings, so I felt it deserved a fun pattern.  I chose Stockholm Gingham in a faded back blueberry and white.

My dining room in the last house I owned was papered in Jane's Rose Bouquet with matching curtains in a stripe.  Being one of my favorite patterns and having already invested in money and time, the making of the fabulous linen curtains to match, I decided to re-use this pattern in my own bedroom.  It will be a soft, lovely, romantic hide away with all white furniture, an electric fireplace, tons of bookcases with decorating and art books and a relaxing corner to read in.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Star, A Star - Danish Paper Stars

  What to do when you have grandkids whose little fingers won't leave the glass ornaments alone on your tree?
Well, I don't have kids OR grandkids but my oldest sister does and great auntie PK is coming to her rescue with some hand made paper stars, to fill in her empty Christmas tree this year!

So easy to make - just check out my Pinterest boards under either Creative Pursuits or Scandinavian Christmas for instructions, or google it.  I used someone else's photo tutorial and can't figure out who's it is so I won't post it due to copyright!
I am on Pinterest under LilyOake.
(you'll love my blue and white boards - in every category!!) lol

So here are a few paper stars I made using my own Nordic inspired fabric designs, printed on card stock paper at home.
They are easy to fold and glue.  I added a bit of shimmer with fine white glitter on the top creases.
I love red and white kitchen twine - makes for a fun hanger.

I made them in a few short hours while I watched Rick Steve's European Christmas show on youTube.

I displayed these on two fabrics in my cottage collections.  Jane's Rose Bouquet on blueberry blue and Imma Toile in sorbet pink, both on linen cotton canvases printed by Spoonflower and!