Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Love Affair with Blue & White Wallpaper

As I wait (impatiently) for my wallpaper to come so I can finish the second bedroom, I thought I'd share some of the wallpaper patterns I have either already hung in my house, bought and am waiting for shipment or considered using at one point.

As it ended up, the very top right blue rose swag is now hung in my bedroom and the top center blue and white floral vine is due to be delivered any day now and will dress up the walls in the 2nd bedroom, which was once planned to be the library but is now going to be a rental room for foreign students. (hopefully a girl)

All these wallpapers are from the website http://www.wallpapermore.com/ and are discounted in price. My entire 12' x 14' bedroom was done for $180 and the wallpaper made the room come alive! It was so simple a step to make but added way more personality to the room then a flat coat of paint ever could!

I also used the left over paper to line the inside of my hutch last summer. (see earlier entry)

The 2nd bedroom's walls will be covered for $160, with enough paper left over to line the drawers built into the eaves upstairs.
I had a hard time choosing from the selection that caught my eye but in the end, I went for soft and romantic.


  1. Paula, these are beautiful! I love blue, and wish my husb was more of a fan of wallpaper :(

  2. I have fallen madly in love with the stuff and if I could afford to, I'd wallpaper every room!
    I love your new site, Bess- your illustrations are such a treat to see and I LOVE the "Swarm" one - so funny!

  3. Can't wait to see your bedrooms! Will you be posting them I hope!

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