Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I am feeling the, not the flu, but the desire to overhaul the house for spring.
Not that spring has burst upon the scene here in the Pacific NW with a wind and rain storm moving in this afternoon off the ocean and lowland snow predicted on Sunday!  We are hauling in firewood and stacking it next to the wood stove in preparation for a cold weekend!

But I hear birdsong now in the mornings - robins, I'm sure.  They have a distinctive voice.
And I see tulips in the grocery stores.  And my cats are starting to act funny, running from room to room with tails cocked and howling out the windows.  I feel an itchiness inside myself that I can only attribute to spring fever.

So the list for spring cleaning is being made: behind kitchen appliances, washing all slipcovers and curtains, dusting chandeliers, washing things I usually don't wash like the wood furniture in the family room where soot from the wood stove lands in a fine layer of dust all winter.

Here is my living room last spring, after a thorough spring cleaning.
What a great way to begin a season of warmth, freshness and regrowth, then with a clean home.