Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Busy as a bee, this spring

I haven't posted in awhile because I have bitten off more then I can chew!  

Actually, it was a combination of many good things all coming together.

I signed my first fabric design contact with a quilting fabric company and did a whirlwind series of designs for them which I am very excited about.
I will post more on that later but did include a few quickie snaps of the photocopies of some of the designs that made the cut.

And I had 2 bigger/more involved freelance design jobs.  One completed and one now put on hold so the client can deal with family issues.

But the main thing dominating my life and time right now is the next art studio tour on May Day weekend.
I participated in the one last September and even hosted 2 guest artists in my home.
This year I'll host one (2 others dropped out - they'll be missed!)
Here's the link to this year's tour.  I am studio #2.
Arts North Studio Tours

I've included some photos showing the projects I'll be offering up this year.
I have so much planned but as the date is sneaking up on me and my time is limited, I may have to forego some of the painted and decoupage furniture projects.

But I'll be offering up many new linen cotton tea towels, 21 gorgeous cotton, silk and poly crepe scarves (all hand stitched by me), covered lampshades, tablecloth toppers, aprons, lots of covered pillows, sachets and even a few vintage frames with fabric covered bulletin boards mounted inside on cork.
And of course I'll also offer up some watercolor paintings.

Not to mention, getting the one room the public walks into, further along in the wallpaper process.
It won't all be done by the tour, but I'll have a big part of it papered!

Enjoy the photos and if you live local, please swing by to meet me on May Day weekend and purchase something one-of-a-kind, made by hand by me, using my own fabrics!

The wallpaper was designed to match my curtains.  I have it custom printed by Spoonflower.  What I love is that I can get any custom length printed at no extra cost, so there's no waste when I am hanging it above wainscoting and trying to match the repeat.

The pattern can be found here, in my Lilyoake shop on Spoonflower:

A big part of the job in getting my studio ready was painting this behemoth of a hutch and putting it in place in my studio.
I just needed more storage then I had, and a better way to display my work.
So am old/small armoire and a bookcase were relocated and this hutch moved in.
I love the inside with its wallpapered backing.  I am still adding gold details to trim but otherwise, its ready for use!  You can see I am filling it up already.

One of the hand painted and decoupaged pieces I will have for sale will be this quirky hand made clock I found at Goodwill in Edmonds.  After I cleaned it up and added 2 interior shelves, the painting began!  I chose "Flemish Blue" and "Starch White" by Ralph Lauren paints.  The interior will be decoupaged in a rose print paper from my LilyOake shop on Spoonflower.
Here's where you can find it:  Saint Colette June Roses in blueberry

I added some trim to the top and am also adding a few ormolus to the front door, all in gold leaf.  Its currently a work in progress but by tour time, it will be a beautiful piece to behold!
I chose a paint color I could live with, should it not sell and I want to slide it into my own home.

I started decoupaging this wee bombe chest 18 months ago and its been on the back burner all this time now!  I am working to finish it up and have it for sale at the tour.  I used one of my fabric designs, printed on gift wrap available at Spoonflower.  I added faux bead trim which I am gold leafing.
The pattern is available here:

For the first time ever, I will be offering lampshades covered in my own linens and cottons!  The first 2 I did are drums, covered in toiles.  This is a fun way to add pattern to a room without spending a lot of money.

So many pretty scarves to choose from!  Ranging in shape and size from neckerchiefs to long, romantic sheers, I have lots of pretty colors and patterns available.  And I am hand stitching the turned hems - I know - I can get a foot for my sewing machine that does it but sometimes I need to do this kind of work as therapy.  Like knitting.  I rarely get any one thing done to wear, but the act of knitting is so relaxing.

Tablecloth toppers are so fun and easy to make and yet they add so much personality to a table without committing to an entire tablecloth.  They just toss across the end or center of a table, at an angle, and add color and pattern.  I sold out of the ones I had last fall so there's a new batch on the sewing stack.

Tea towels!  The bread and butter of my ETSY shop sales.  I am nearly sold out of them now, so I have 16 new ones coming you way!  They are colorful and fun for spring/summer.  They are 55% linen, 45% cotton and are super absorbent!  Not to mention they also make wonderful placemats, tray liners, pillow cover for half of a 16"x20" filler and look wonderful hanging for display.

And finally, some sneak peaks of my fabric designs I did for a local quilting company.  The collection will be called "Fidelia" and features vintage style roses, lilacs, bees and birds, honeycombs and ditsy prints.  Its a really pretty collection, in very appealing clear, soft pastels of rose, lilac, soft greens, and buttery yellows.  I'll do another posting later when they fabric is actually in production and available for purchase!