Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Delft Christmas Tree

After years of trying out various themes on my Christmas trees, I will finally bite the bullet and begin collecting what I have long wanted to collect but never did, for my tree.  
I found out, after researching Delft ornaments that they are not all made equally.  If it seems too cheap in price, it is SOURCED in Holland but made elsewhere (like china).  The new buzz word is "sourced" when the pieces are not actually made in that country, but the mother company is based there.  "Sourced" usually means "made in china" and no one wants that any more!  (I sure don't).

DeWit is one of the makers of Delft ornaments that comes with a certificate of authenticity and the ornaments will cost you around $36/each.  (The $6 ones are made in China - buyer beware!!)

I want to collect authentic Delft, still made in Holland and this tree shows a nice collection of real Delft.  I would add alot more white twinkle lights and maybe a blue velvet tree skirt! 
It may take awhile longer because of my budget, but I will have that satisfaction that my tree is authentic Delft of real quality and have some actual value!
(ps....the dogs are pretty cute too but although my five cats would approve of a Delft tree, they would shoot down my attempt to increase our family size with a bunch of snuffling, drooling, waggly tailed heathens!) (their words, not mine)

Blue Tartan Settee

What a lovely blue and white tartan on a dark frame settee.  I usually prefer the painted furniture associated with Swedish Gustavian style but this shows that the blue & white color combination, popular in Swedish inspired decorating, also works well on darker wood.

I'm Dreamin' of a White (and silver and crystal) Christmas!

I LOVE this Christmas decorating theme with a magical quality achieved by using white, silver and clear crystal.  The silver, or mercury glass, gives a look of glamor while the crystal and white reflects light around the room.

A Chinoiserie Box

I found this box so charming!  It's in a very typical Chinoiserie pattern, but with what looks like mother of pearl inlay!  I would like to reproduce this pattern on a box, but instead of a black background, I would use a pale blue one, in keeping with a Gustavian feel.

Simple Accents

When a home has good bones, you don't need alot of stuff to make a room magical.  Case in point, this bedroom.  The room already has spectacular bones and the few things in it are equally magical but not over done!
I adore the small gilded canopy draped in a French blue and lace, paired with the matching head and foot boards.  Note the small gilded sconces with the blue toile print shades and the gilded half-moon table.

Sunny Swedish on a Gray Seattle Day!

If any one of you have ever spent a fall/winter in Seattle, you are aware of how dark it gets with all the cloud cover and drizzle that stays with us for months on end until spring!

Today I needed a bit of sunny Swedish style and decided to post these images I had in my file, collected over the years from various publications.  I pull them out now and then to get new inspiration and maybe help me along with a home project!
 A bright and cheerful bedroom with white painted furniture with Gustavian influence.  I love the use of yellow print fabric against the bright sky blue walls and checked chair next to the blue turned down sheets.  I would love to sleep in this room!
 A sunny Swedish dining room with white painted furniture upholstered in a delicate blue fabric.  The use of red as an accent makes the whole scene pop!
 A Swedish sideboard against a lovely paneled wall in the most delicate of pale blue-gray.
 A lovely corner desk set with tea and flowers.  The gold hardware adds glamor to a formal desk given new life with a coat of white paint!  The only think I would change is to paint the interior of the desk a medium gray-blue.