Monday, March 30, 2015

New Lake Emily Summer Roses curtains on a brighter day!

They really are ethereal to look at - and bring a refreshing lightness to the room.
Its a bit hard to capture on film but I thought I'd try again...

Lake Emily Summer Roses in blueberry, on linen cotton canvas

Lake Emily Summer Roses in blueberry, on linen cotton canvas

Spring Colors

I love the clear, fresh colors of spring flowers, and how the light brings a crispness to interiors after a long, dark winter.

Ames Chinoiserie linen-cotton in peony pink

Lake Emily Summer Roses linen-cotton curtains in blueberry blue

Rococo Garden wallpaper in blueberry blue

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Master Bedroom Curtains

After several months of waiting for the "right time", I had finally convinced my boyfriend Jeremy to hang the new master bedroom rods so I could finally sew the new curtains!

I had planned on sewing one panel per window because I still have blackout panels to sew, too.  The plan is for them to be fitted to the inside, attaching to the inside trim with velcro.

But once I hung a single panel over the window, it was obvious it needed 2 full panels so it didn't look like I was cutting corners or being cheap.
So with one window complete, I now need to order 6 more yards for the second one. ha!

I used my "Lake Emily Summer Roses" in blueberry blue, printed on Spoonflower's 55% linen 45% cotton.  The fabric has a wonderfully soft hand but is quite substantial.  

One of my favorite parts are my cotton fabric tags, which I attached to the front of each panel, in the corner by the hem. I'm darned proud of these and I want to claim them!

Here is the link to the page where you too, can order this pattern in fabrics, wallpaper or gift wrap:

Lake Emily Summer Roses
Finished panels hung in south window
Panels hung on south window at dusk
My faithful helper, baby Stewart
Sewing on the fabric tag

Fabric tag attached to the front bottom hem!

Measuring for the ruffle top and rod pocket
Sewing the seams