Monday, May 25, 2015

Slipcovered Thriftshop Chairs

      As usual, I blog sporadically!  But I did want to show you both my new slipcovers in one go.
I have been quite busy sewing and planning out new projects.

      This newest slipcover I completed 2 days ago, using my pattern "Theodora" in white.
The floral pattern is a soft blueberry blue and easy on the eye.  Again, I used the linen-cotton canvas fabric available from Spoonflower.
      Here is a link to  Theodora  in my shop, Lilyoake.  Its available in 17 different fabrics, 2 types wallpaper, and gift wrap!

      I am participating in the Arts North Studio Tours in September and need to have things to sell to the public, who might be touring my studio and looking for items I design and make.
I decided slipcovered chairs were a great thing to offer and began scouring Goodwill stores for sturdy, undamaged one of a kind dining chairs which I could paint, upholster and make slipcovers for.
       Every chair I offer will come with new upholstered seat PLUS a removable/washable slipcover, giving the chair more versatility!

     The easy part was painting the frame and sewing the slipcover - the hard part will be pricing them to sell, without cheating myself out of my time, supplies and hard work.  Isn't that always the case for an artist? 

The chair with the upholstered seat, in Caroline blueberry

Dining Chair Linen Cotton Slipcovers

Blue Roses Wreath linen cotton canvas slipcover

       I finally completed the fourth and final slipcover for a set of 4 French-style chairs I bought for a song from a store closing down.  The chairs had a great shape and very cushiony-comfy supportive seats but were painted a hideous grey-peach with cream accents.

   They were the perfect vehicle to show off my fabric designs on and so I got to work sewing slipcovers for them, identical in style but different in prints.
The one thing that really tied them all together was the same color of pale blueberry blue, a staple in my fabric design.

   This fourth slipcover fabric is in "Blue Roses Wreath", available HERE in my Spoonflower shop.
All the slips are on the 55% linen-45% cotton canvas which is marvelous to sew with!

   Baby Stewart was only too happy to test them out AND photobomb them!

Blue Rose Wreath linen cotton slipcover