Saturday, December 26, 2015

An Eye on Spring 2016

   With visions of sugar plums and Christmas happenings still in our heads and on our schedules, the holiday is still going on around us. But I also need to take into consideration that the world of design must grind on behind the scenes!
   In order to have the fabrics, designs and looks ready for the public, when they are actually ready for them, these things must be planned out and finalized months ahead of time - most times way out of step with the actual season!
   It can sometimes be difficult - I have had to play Christmas music in May, to put me in the mood to design for the Xmas season, when I'd rather be picking lily of the valley and smelling my lilacs!

   So to, now, with Christmas parties still to attend, I am sneaking off to my computer to continue work on my new spring designs!

   Here is a teaser of what spring brings - fresh florals and sweet pastels.
And of course, my "blueberry blue" color way, which is in the same family as Pantone's 2016 color choice "serenity".

And a saying: 
Some people look for a beautiful place.
Others make a place beautiful.

I do hope I can be that person, helping you make your home beautiful, with my fabrics and wallpapers.

"Faded Rococo Roses" in blueberry, printed on linen cotton canvas

"Swedish Summer" in blueberry, on cotton poplin

All my fabrics can be found HERE, in my shop LilyOake, on Spoonflower.