Friday, January 29, 2010

BlueBird Card

I have designed a card for you all to download, print and send off to a friend with nice things written in it. It's a 5x5 square with a fold in the middle. I have added a die line for you to cut around on as well as small indications where to fold it.

I love sending cards (I'd better, seeing as how I make my living by designing them!)

To satisfy my love affair with blue and white I am working on an entire line of blue and white cards and paper things which will post for sale on my ETSY shop very soon.
Actually, I already have one card there already.
It's a close up of a beautiful Regency lady with her necklace highlighted with crystals and glitter and a slight rose hue to her cheeks.
I'd love for you to look!

Just go to and type in LilyOake under the seller search on top.

I also have my new line of Jane Austen cards posted. In the meantime, enjoy this card and I hope you send good thoughts to a friend today with it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beautiful Dishes

This is my most favorite dish pattern in the entire world!
It's Danish.
Royal Copenhagen's Blue Flowers Curved.

It comes three ways. One is "curved" with the scallop edge, like pictured here.
And also with a plain smooth edge.
Or fluted, which is discontinued.

The white is a very clean, soft white (no yellow tinge) and the blue is a soft cobalt that I team up with the now discontinued cobalt blue of Emile Henry bakeware.
It's a lovely floral pattern - very European.

Despite it's delicate appearance, it's a work horse! It is fired so many times it is microwave and dishwasher safe - even the oldest pieces you can find!

It has a delicate scalloped edge and soft embossed swirling pattern beneath the hand painted blue flowers.

I love the look year round but do have hopes of beginning to collect the version with the gold edges for the holidays or very special events. I can only imagine how wonderful in person this pattern can be with a touch of gold.
I don't have too many pieces yet but pick one up here and there when I see a good price.
And yes, pricing can vary wildly - some import online stores are twice as expensive as others. I find the best prices through:

An Inspired New Year

It's a new year and a new you (why not) and a new start to things.

New years can be a wonderful way to begin again, recharge your enthusiasm for a project, get back on track with a goal or project.
This new year, for me, means hunkering down to take care of some house and design projects. To keep myself on track, I am surrounding myself with beautiful things that make me sigh. One of those things is the color blue and romantic interiors and objects that are blue & white.

So, to kick off the new year, here is my collage of blue and white beautiful "objects of desire".
I will try to post more blue & white things this year - including my new line of greeting cards and paper goods I'm designing right now called "Blue Hydrangea".

Thanks for stopping by!