Monday, May 25, 2015

Slipcovered Thriftshop Chairs

      As usual, I blog sporadically!  But I did want to show you both my new slipcovers in one go.
I have been quite busy sewing and planning out new projects.

      This newest slipcover I completed 2 days ago, using my pattern "Theodora" in white.
The floral pattern is a soft blueberry blue and easy on the eye.  Again, I used the linen-cotton canvas fabric available from Spoonflower.
      Here is a link to  Theodora  in my shop, Lilyoake.  Its available in 17 different fabrics, 2 types wallpaper, and gift wrap!

      I am participating in the Arts North Studio Tours in September and need to have things to sell to the public, who might be touring my studio and looking for items I design and make.
I decided slipcovered chairs were a great thing to offer and began scouring Goodwill stores for sturdy, undamaged one of a kind dining chairs which I could paint, upholster and make slipcovers for.
       Every chair I offer will come with new upholstered seat PLUS a removable/washable slipcover, giving the chair more versatility!

     The easy part was painting the frame and sewing the slipcover - the hard part will be pricing them to sell, without cheating myself out of my time, supplies and hard work.  Isn't that always the case for an artist? 

The chair with the upholstered seat, in Caroline blueberry

Dining Chair Linen Cotton Slipcovers

Blue Roses Wreath linen cotton canvas slipcover

       I finally completed the fourth and final slipcover for a set of 4 French-style chairs I bought for a song from a store closing down.  The chairs had a great shape and very cushiony-comfy supportive seats but were painted a hideous grey-peach with cream accents.

   They were the perfect vehicle to show off my fabric designs on and so I got to work sewing slipcovers for them, identical in style but different in prints.
The one thing that really tied them all together was the same color of pale blueberry blue, a staple in my fabric design.

   This fourth slipcover fabric is in "Blue Roses Wreath", available HERE in my Spoonflower shop.
All the slips are on the 55% linen-45% cotton canvas which is marvelous to sew with!

   Baby Stewart was only too happy to test them out AND photobomb them!

Blue Rose Wreath linen cotton slipcover

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

...of wildflowers and wings...

   Playing around with spring lilacs from my garden and my fabrics...

Blue Rose Wreaths and Sommarhus Tartan

May Day Summer Roses in peony pink on white

May Day Summer Roses on basil green stripe

Rosewitha on peony pink stripes

Saint Colette in blueberry

Sommarhus Tartan in blueberry

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Start of Lilacs Lilac Season at Elinor Cottage

Lilacs on a Jane's Rose Bouquet linen-cotton slip cover in blueberry blue

Lilacs on Jane's Rose Bouquet in blueberry blue, printed on linen-cotton canvas

Lilacs on Lake Emily Summer Roses linen-cotton fabric, in blueberry blue

Warble for Lilac Time, by Walt Whitman
clr gif

Warble me now for joy of lilac-time, (returning in reminiscence,)
Sort me O tongue and lips for Nature’s sake, souvenirs of earliest summer,
Gather the welcome signs, (as children with pebbles or stringing shells,)
Put in April and May, the hylas croaking in the ponds, the elastic air,
Bees, butterflies, the sparrow with its simple notes,
Blue-bird and darting swallow, nor forget the high-hole flashing his golden wings,
The tranquil sunny haze, the clinging smoke, the vapor,
Shimmer of waters with fish in them, the cerulean above,
All that is jocund and sparkling, the brooks running,
The maple woods, the crisp February days and the sugar-making,
The robin where he hops, bright-eyed, brown-breasted,
With musical clear call at sunrise, and again at sunset,
Or flitting among the trees of the apple-orchard, building the nest of his mate,
The melted snow of March, the willow sending forth its yellow-green sprouts,
For spring-time is here! the summer is here! and what is this in it and from it?
Thou, soul, unloosen’d—the restlessness after I know not what;
Come, let us lag here no longer, let us be up and away!
O if one could but fly like a bird!
O to escape, to sail forth as in a ship!
To glide with thee O soul, o’er all, in all, as a ship o’er the waters;
Gathering these hints, the preludes, the blue sky, the grass, the morning drops of dew,
The lilac-scent, the bushes with dark green heart-shaped leaves,
Wood-violets, the little delicate pale blossoms called innocence,
Samples and sorts not for themselves alone, but for their atmosphere,
To grace the bush I love—to sing with the birds,
A warble for joy of lilac-time, returning in reminiscence.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Table settings...In Transition

   My Easter table this year was a bit of a mix of china patterns because I had decided to sell my Spode Blue Italian collection in February and concentrate only on collection Royal Copenhagen Blue Flowers Curved and Meissen Blue Onion!
   I began to collect danish-made Royal Copenhagen 22 years ago and the German-made Blue Onion only recently - but I decided I loved them infinitely more then the English Spode I collected so the sale of the Blue Italian helped finance the purchase of some Danish and German china!

So needless to say, I didn't have a full place setting for everyone in one pattern.
But once you set the table with fresh, pressed white damask linen linens, sweet flowers, gleaming silver and delicious food, who cares!?

Royal Copenhagen Blue Flowers Curved

Elinor Cottage dining room set for Easter

Meissen Blue Onion vegetable tureen and Blue Onion handled serving spoon

Elinor Cottage Easter table set with white damask linens, lots of flowers, silver and Blue Onion!

Monday, March 30, 2015

New Lake Emily Summer Roses curtains on a brighter day!

They really are ethereal to look at - and bring a refreshing lightness to the room.
Its a bit hard to capture on film but I thought I'd try again...

Lake Emily Summer Roses in blueberry, on linen cotton canvas

Lake Emily Summer Roses in blueberry, on linen cotton canvas