Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Gift tags

I enjoyed designing these holiday gift tags and I hope you enjoy downloading and using them on your packages this year!

I added details and magic with glitters and a gold leafing pen.

There's no accounting for colors when you take the image on to the web and then download it elsewhere - might have to adjust color on your end - same with size!

The tags are all within 3" x 4" or there-abouts but make them whatever size you prefer.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Heavenly Angels

As promised, here are some copyright free Christmas images. I decided to post them by category and "A", for angels, seemed a good place to start.

Again, download them for use on whatever tickles your fancy.
I think the angels with white space around them would make great die cut gift tags or tree ornaments!

I had a rough schedule this weekend with work and volunteer work/very little sleep so I am unable to post the gift tags I wanted to post. I will work on doing that tomorrow after I get home from work.
I hope you are all able to use these images and projects I'm posting, to make your holiday more fun and special.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gold Leaf Details

Sometimes I feel I'll never get this table done! Here is the final step before I can call it done and set it on the ground (off the card table it is currently elevated on so I can work on it eye level) and use it for breakfast, reading or more likely, a cat perch in the window. Gold leaf details. I bought the faux nailhead trim from - it comes white, flexible and ready to mold on to your project. Zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds to soften it and then glue it on. I first painted the areas to be gilded with a yellow ochre primer used in gold leafing. The gold leaf I am using is the composite leaf which is more affordable. But since it is not all gold, it will tarnish over time unless coated with a lacquer. All you do is coat the surface you want gold leafed with a quick sizing glue - let it dry for an hour or so and then apply the leaf. The photo I took was before I had a chance to smooth the leaf out so it looks rough. Once dry, take a brush and gently sweep away the loose gold that did not adhere to sizing and smooth down what is left and you're left with a little gilded glam on your piece. I love Swedish Gustavian design and a piece of white furniture with a little gilded detail on it speaks to me and I offer it up as my own version of Gustavian.

Scalloped Gift Cones

I am in the mood for Christmas and the handmade gift making has begun. I promised I'd post a free template Thursday of this week - well, I'm a day early because the potluck I thought I was going to this Friday was actually for Thursday. So here it is, a day early. I included a couple of free patterned cones too in case you liked them. Simply download the template I provide here, copying it off to a size you prefer. Print it on to a piece of patterned paper you buy from a craft/art shop or add your own pattern if you are more graphically inclined. I use 80# silk laid card stock from Wausau Paper in bright white - but you can print it on to anything you can get to go through your own printer. There are very faint scoring guidelines outside the main blue dieline from the bottom point going up to the left and right. Score these two lines and fold outward - it forms a flap which you can either hole punch and tie together for a looser cone or glue first, then hole punch and tie a ribbon through for a tighter hold. I edged mine in a gold pen - use silver, bronze, colored or none - whatever you prefer. You might even want to glitter part of your image if you print the template on to your own patterned paper. Fill them with candies, small gifts or whatever you prefer. The template can be used for other holidays and occasions too such as birthdays, Valentines Day, wedding showers, Halloween, etc. Have fun with it!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving ClipArt

I am going to start sharing some free projects with folks - I love to share. I will sit down every Thursday night after work and post something new - no matter how small or large the project, I'm going to post something. Even if it's just free clipart like this entry will be.
I feel bad I started a blog and then update it very little. I want to change that starting now. So I'm scheduling it into my week - if I don't do that, I keep putting it off.
Thursday are good for me - nothing good on TV, almost end of work week and the night has good feel for sitting down at a computer.

With Thanksgiving coming up VERY soon, I thought I'd share some Victorian postcard art depicting their romanticized view of the holiday. Just right click on each image and save to your computer.

Use as place cards, or use the images to print unto letterheads or menus - or print out on card stock, trim and use on your handmade cards. Whatever use you have for them.

Save for next year if you have to!

I'll also be sharing lots of Christmas images very soon.

Stay tuned for this Thursdays entry when I share a template I made for a scalloped gift cone. I will feature it in red Stewart tartan as well as a fun red and white Scandinavian folk art pattern I created just an hour ago. Enjoy! Let me know what you use it for - email me a picture and I'll post it for you on my blog. If you need help downloading anything I post, please don't hesitate to email me too and ask for help. I'm glad to help. (