Friday, January 29, 2010

BlueBird Card

I have designed a card for you all to download, print and send off to a friend with nice things written in it. It's a 5x5 square with a fold in the middle. I have added a die line for you to cut around on as well as small indications where to fold it.

I love sending cards (I'd better, seeing as how I make my living by designing them!)

To satisfy my love affair with blue and white I am working on an entire line of blue and white cards and paper things which will post for sale on my ETSY shop very soon.
Actually, I already have one card there already.
It's a close up of a beautiful Regency lady with her necklace highlighted with crystals and glitter and a slight rose hue to her cheeks.
I'd love for you to look!

Just go to and type in LilyOake under the seller search on top.

I also have my new line of Jane Austen cards posted. In the meantime, enjoy this card and I hope you send good thoughts to a friend today with it.

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