Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Student Room on a Budget

We decided to host college students through a program called Abode Homestay, here in Seattle.
But I was working with a tight budget to get the room up to par/ ready for someone to come stay in while they studied!

This room used to be our master bedroom but in order to accommodate renting to students, we moved our room upstairs. I really miss this pretty wallpaper but the white painted paneled walls in my cottage's second story (actually, s story and a half!) has its charm. To bring the blue roses theme back into our room, I designed my own fabric via Spoonflower and had yardage printed to make curtains, etc.
Like I said, this student room was pulled together on a very tight budget.  Of course the WP was already there but I originally found it for $11 a roll at, a year ago.  Its thick/good quality, pre-pasted and was easy to hang all by myself (I'd never hung WP before!)

The chandelier was $89 at
An electrician friend who owed me a favor hung it for me.

The bedding was a bargain at TJ Maxx as were the pillows. The fleece blanket was also on sale for $14.  The chairs were set beside the road in our neighborhood for free one day - I washed and strengthened their joints, then painted them white and reupholstered them in a fabric I'd had in storage for years.
The table was $12 at Goodwill - a simple white cotton tablecloth hides its less then pretty surface!
The side table was a Craigslist find at $20. I coated it in Restoration Hardware's "Atmosphere Blue" which is no longer made - its left over paint from my living room.
The bed was IKEA - plain pine. I painted it white (same white I use throughout my house/Waverly's "Cottage Linen White").
The dresser was the $40 also at Goodwill. It was a horrible aged cream color - I painted it white too.
Smaller cotton rug was $1.50 at IKEA years ago/had in storage and the larger one/cotton reversible/washable, was $12 at Big Lots.
Curtains and glass lamps with matching shades are older Simply Shabby Chic from Target - I have had them for years in the now discontinued British Rose pattern.
I arranged various framed posters or color copier prints of flowers, etc., on walls with thrift store frames I painted or dressed up.  The mirror was $7 at ROSS. I painted it...white!  No big surprise! LOL  All the other accessories were found at discount stores as well.
All I am missing is crown molding and baseboard which I can add later when the budget allows.

Our new student comes the 22nd and I hope she likes it here! 
I certainly had fun getting her new room ready.
Sweet Pea and Mini Me seem to approve...


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