Monday, March 18, 2013

New Spring Fabrics

Heading into spring, I am beginning work on my new fabrics for 2013/Summer.
Here are my latest offerings, which can be found and purchased in fabrics, wallpaper and wall decals at Spoonflower.

I am continuing to fuel my own passion for blue & white by offering up my designs in fabrics, decals and wallpaper!

Let me know what you think of my line!  Comments are very welcome.

I would also love to hear about any ideas YOU would like to see me do in blue & white.
Coming soon:  blue & white china prints featuring my very own acrylic and watercolor paintings of china from my own extensive collection.
And many more classic English & Swedish florals, and summery stripes and plaids.

 Copenhagen Blue Summer Tartan
 Swedish Rose Trellis in Blue
 Rose Basket in Sapphire Blue
Summerhouse Rose Blue


  1. Hi. I found you on Pinterest and discovered another lover and blue and white! Your fabric designs are beautiful. I have found a kindred spirit.

  2. Thank you Rhondi! Pleased to meet you and I too, look to connect with lovers of blue & white! I just checked out your website and am going to have fun reading all your posts!!
    I broke my leg three weeks ago which has forced me to slow down and I can finally say I have time to catch up on all the blogs and websites I so love but have been too busy to read.