Sunday, October 26, 2014

Looking Glass Art

I've had this vision in my mind for quite awhile now, of a slightly distressed, ancient-looking mirror, with beautiful flowers showing through in the rubbed off sections.

So today I decided to go about creating that vision, using a really gorgeous, ornate brass frame I bought from a neighbor's garage sale, years ago!

After getting glass cut to size at Lowes, I returned home and used decoupage glue to attach a piece of patterned paper (in this case, I used my own design, which can be purchased through my shop, Lilyoake, on Spoonflower, here)

After it dried, I waited still longer for a dry moment outside (this is, after all Seattle) and ran outside to put on 5 light coats of Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint.
I have seen it used on many DIY blogs for homemade mercury glass effects.
I'm not even sure I used it on the correct side of the glass - as this was a first time experiment!
But in between each coat, I spritzed it with vinegar water and blotted off the paint in areas where I wanted my roses pattern to show through.

After it dried, I put it into the frame and lit the candles - its rather ghostly, and very romantic!

I will try a second time with new glass and try a different technique.
But I thought my first try was worth sharing!

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