Monday, April 6, 2015

Table settings...In Transition

   My Easter table this year was a bit of a mix of china patterns because I had decided to sell my Spode Blue Italian collection in February and concentrate only on collection Royal Copenhagen Blue Flowers Curved and Meissen Blue Onion!
   I began to collect danish-made Royal Copenhagen 22 years ago and the German-made Blue Onion only recently - but I decided I loved them infinitely more then the English Spode I collected so the sale of the Blue Italian helped finance the purchase of some Danish and German china!

So needless to say, I didn't have a full place setting for everyone in one pattern.
But once you set the table with fresh, pressed white damask linen linens, sweet flowers, gleaming silver and delicious food, who cares!?

Royal Copenhagen Blue Flowers Curved

Elinor Cottage dining room set for Easter

Meissen Blue Onion vegetable tureen and Blue Onion handled serving spoon

Elinor Cottage Easter table set with white damask linens, lots of flowers, silver and Blue Onion!

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