Friday, October 9, 2015

A New Soup Tureen

   My creative/art projects have fallen by the wayside temporarily as we get the house ready for fall weather.
   That includes yard clean up and installing new chimney piping for the wood stove.

   But I've also switched the menu over to more fall-inspired dishes.
I love soups and stews and make them at least 3x a week when the weather turns chilly.

   I found this tureen on eBay for....wait for it....$55!!
Its a Danish made, hand painted soup tureen in Royal Copenhagen's Blue Flowers Fluted.
Mint condition - its like no one ever used it!
Had to have it.
   I collect RC Blue Flowers but in the Curved version - but who cares!  When a beautiful Danish soup tureen presents itself for that price, I'm not passing it up because of technicalities!  LOL

   I couldn't wait to get it home - and yes, already used it!  Its pretty big though, and its just the 2 of us.  But it will look spectacular on the table Christmas Day with my traditional lobster bisque in it. SIGH

Kitten Stuey in the background: he is fascinated by candlelight so I have to keep flames up high where he can't reach them!

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