Friday, May 29, 2009

Comfortable Country

Although I like a little glam in my home (glass chandeliers, toile curtains and golf leaf on frames) I love the Swedish look by mixing it all with down to earth fabrics and simple pieces of furniture too. In other words, comfortable things. I'm more country than anything else.

Growing up in the beautiful state of Wisconsin (village of Manchester, Green Lake Co), I spent my childhood running wild through the countryside. Very fond memories.
Climbing trees, making forts in the neighbor's hay barn, hunting for wild asparagus in ditches, fishing under bridges for bullheads, living on kool-aid popsicles and PB&J sandwiches and riding bike "all over kingdom come" - these "wonderfully country things" one could do growing up in the 1970's - with little or no supervision, I might add!

As an adult, I view countryside living more from a lifestyle/decorating angle.
That is what interests me now. I love the idea of opening my cottage up to the open air and having slipcovers on everything. I like the idea of a simple home with old things.
I like white painted furniture and clean fresh fabrics like toiles on white cotton backgrounds, ginghams, checks, faded florals and tickings.

I live in the city now but my country roots run deep. I even keep chickens now! (outside) heehee
How do you keep a comfortable country feel about your own home?


  1. Such beautiful images! I always love going down to my grandparent's farm in Iowa. They have a big front porch with a pretty white swing...never even thought what it would look like painted like the one above, but I LOVE it!

  2. The older I get, the more I want to paint everything! I think everything looks clean, fresh and summery with a coat of paint.