Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spoon Maker

My boyfriend Scott is a carpenter, and a darned good one. He's actually a guy who has been in the contracting business for 20 years now and can build a home from the ground up. One of his favorite past times is carving wooden spoons and spatulas. He loves to cook, is darned good at it and has more kitchen tools then our tiny kitchen can hold. A favorite tool of his is a wooden mixing/serving/stirring spoon and he tends to carve his own so he gets the right feel for his big hands. Here he is with his latest - half of these carved within the last week!

He is experimenting with handle designs - you can tell his early carving because it's very straight and simple. The new spoons have great handles using the wood's natural defects and waves. I made him sit for these photos yesterday afternoon when he got home from work - still scruffy and dusty from a day of carpentry work.

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  1. I love handmade wooden spoons and spatulas for cooking!! They are so much better than plastic or metal and are so wonderful in being natural
    wood! Being handmade means a bit of the carver is in each piece,too! I always look at fairs and festivals for handmade spoons and buy them when I see them.I love the new handles Scott has made...they are cool!!!