Saturday, June 6, 2009

So many yards, so little time...

OK, I know I'm not the only one who goes a little crazy when they walk into a fabric store. Even though I may not have a specific project I'm working on that needs fabric, or even have the room in my budget at that time to buy some yardage, if I somehow find my truck veering off the road into the parking lot of a fabric store, I will not leave that store unless I have yard or two of (usually blue and white) fabric for some future project.

There was a time when I loved to sew aprons - kept a few of them which I wear all the time. I used to buy a yard of every cute fabric I saw. Usually little flowers, old-fashioned - or stripes and toiles.

I have a Jane Austen era-style dress which I "grew out of" a few years back and ever since I have had it in my mind to sew up a larger sized dress so I can join the Jane Austen Society here in Seattle and go in costume. I have several yards of a particular pattern that would work well for that dress. Never got it done.

I have always dreamed of sewing up a quilt of simple, old-fashioned squares in a myriad of blue tones and patterns - so I have many single yards for that. Haven't gotten to it yet. I dream of a sofa or window seat scattered with a myriad of throw pillows - have tons of fabrics for those too. Yet to sew them up...

Any who - point is, I (we?) end up with storage bins full of fabrics that I love so much I refuse to get rid of and am determined to keep for those future projects. But they are like art - and when you stack them up in front of you, they seem even more appealing. If I had to clean house, I'd rather toss half my clothes then get rid of these fabrics!

So, confession time - here is a small portion of the yardage I have collected. Most of it is deep inside the storage closet under the eaves off my bedroom - it was too hot upstairs to go digging for it this past week so I photographed what I could easily get at. What kind of fabrics do you usually collect? What future projects are they in storage waiting for?

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  1. I collect alot of fabrics in Autumn colors.My plan is to make a maple leaf quilt....someday!
    And then there is the velvet for the crazy quilt I want to make...ummm...someday,too!! LOL
    And the wool to try my hand at hooked rugs....