Monday, October 5, 2009

Lit `a la Polonaise

I love a bed or piece of furniture with a canopy above it. I love the term "lit `a la polonaise" which as far as i can tell refers to an iron bed that supports a canopy atop an arch or round frame. I do not have an iron frame and my topper is not domed, as many lit `a la polonaise seem to be but I decided to make my own simpler version to sit atop my settee in the living room. Yes, it is primitive and simple but I think effective. I hope to make silk dupioni curtains this next year for each LR window and at that time I will make my lit `a la polonaise out of the silk to match and maybe a bit fancier with braided trims and tassels. For now it remains simply scalloped with blue piping out of a cotton toile I use in my LR and BR called "Musee Toile Blue". I liked how it turned out - used IKEA sheer curtains for $4.99 a pair. They will eventually line the silk curtains. I get emails from a place in L.A. called the Silk Barons. They sell silk dupioni for $10.99 a yard! They have many colors that might work for me...

I also found some other lit `a la Polonaise online which I am head-over-heels for.
See if you can pick mine out of the line up...hahaha

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