Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving ClipArt

I am going to start sharing some free projects with folks - I love to share. I will sit down every Thursday night after work and post something new - no matter how small or large the project, I'm going to post something. Even if it's just free clipart like this entry will be.
I feel bad I started a blog and then update it very little. I want to change that starting now. So I'm scheduling it into my week - if I don't do that, I keep putting it off.
Thursday are good for me - nothing good on TV, almost end of work week and the night has good feel for sitting down at a computer.

With Thanksgiving coming up VERY soon, I thought I'd share some Victorian postcard art depicting their romanticized view of the holiday. Just right click on each image and save to your computer.

Use as place cards, or use the images to print unto letterheads or menus - or print out on card stock, trim and use on your handmade cards. Whatever use you have for them.

Save for next year if you have to!

I'll also be sharing lots of Christmas images very soon.

Stay tuned for this Thursdays entry when I share a template I made for a scalloped gift cone. I will feature it in red Stewart tartan as well as a fun red and white Scandinavian folk art pattern I created just an hour ago. Enjoy! Let me know what you use it for - email me a picture and I'll post it for you on my blog. If you need help downloading anything I post, please don't hesitate to email me too and ask for help. I'm glad to help. (


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