Sunday, December 20, 2009

3D Star Ornament

Merry Christmas everyone! I have at last produced the 3D star template for you to download and create with. I made mine with a blue toile pattern on paper cardstock - choose any pattern you like and decorate any way you choose. I scanned a piece of wrapping paper, colorized it in Photoshop and reprinted it on to my choice of paper. In this case I used Conqueror's Diamond White 80# card stock. It is a clean white, smooth surface to show off colors and the paper folds and creases without cracking or splitting. You can buy reams of this paper at The Paper Zone. I kept my stars simple with some white glitter edges and rhinestones on each star tip and in the center. The pattern/template needs to be copied on to the back of your paper because t involves quite a few score lines. Where the score lines follow to the tip of each star point, these get folded as mountain folds (when the fold sticks skyward) and the scores between the points get folded valley-style (dipping in). Follow my photos for reference if you get confused.

Enlarge/reduce the template on the copier to suit the size you desire.
The tabs get folded inward and glued to the inside of the other piece. You will have to cut 2 pieces to complete one star so it has a front and a back. I also used a thin white silk ribbon embroidery ribbon to hang the star but you can use any kind of ribbon or even metallic thread. If you do not choose to hang them, but perhaps display them in a dish, etc., don't use anything. Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday season. As soon as I change out of my jammies, I'm off to a party at a friend's house and I intend to take these stars as a gift for her tree.


  1. I googled 3d star templates and was led here. Thank you! This will be perfect for our children's class at church where we are learning about the wise men today!

  2. Beautiful projects, and thanks for sharing the template!

  3. I love your stars! They are beautiful and thank you so much for being so kind to share your template :)

  4. Thanks but I don't quite get how to download it.