Sunday, December 6, 2009

Favor Boxes

I would like to share these small favor box die lines with you. They can be any size you want, as long as you can fit them on to a sheet of paper through your printer. I made mine 2x2x2 in 4 patterns: a Blackwatch tartan, a Stewart tartan, a red and white plaid and a Swedish folk art pattern in red and white. I also included the plain die line in case you want to print in on to your own patterned paper.

For best results, print it on to the reverse of the patterned paper so you can easily see the score and cut lines.
Have fun with it - use it for party favors or small holiday gifts.

For an added festive touch, I edged mine all with a gold leafing pen.

Score lines and slit the "U" shaped opening on the 2 bottoms so the tabs can slide into them to close the bottoms.
Do a sample one first so you understand it's construction.

Let me know if it was useful and I can then provide some newer ones for Valentines Day coming up.

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