Sunday, February 14, 2010

Naturally Inspired

I have never been a real fan of neutrals like khaki but this house does it right, in my most humble opinion.

With washable, simple linen slipcovers, interesting furniture with a history, aged gilding and natural antique pine, everything is able to play off each other without being boring.

The use of striped fabric on the large Rococo chairs adds richness and class while reflective surfaces like oversize mirrors and glass reflect light back into the rooms.

The end result is an approachable, comfortable yet still classic approach to decorating this small stone cottage in Virginia.

Photos are from a wonderful book by Meredith books, copyright 2006, titled "Great Country French Style". It's cover does not really hint as to what is inside on it's pages. It is filled from cover to cover with the most beautiful, well-done French country rooms. I'd really recommend it for your decorating book collection.


  1. With 3 kids I always chose colors that hid dirt! But these photos are lovely and look so clean and fresh and Springlike! And from snowy Ohio,I say...Bring on Spring!!

  2. Paula,

    Wow,your place is coming right the country french look! So when are you going to turn it into a bed-n-breakfast...I'll come! For Lol! Still waiting to see what you will come up with for March...perhaps lots of green!