Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Red Suit

Sometimes when I see a great outfit I imagine myself lucky enough to be dressed in it and off to a special event.

Same with this wonderfully tailored suit of red and white Tattersall plaid.
Matched with a white silk floral scarf with a scattering of red watercolor flowers, a crisp white shirt with French cuffs topped off with a straw-brimmed kettle hat with a brilliant red linen crown. I've teamed my jacket with a tailored pair of white linen, wide legged trousers, cuffed and a red leather belt. And red lips - a Chanel red, no doubt! I also am wearing the light, sweet scent of Fracas (gardenias, lily of the valley and jasmine) Now, where would YOU imagine yourselves off to while wearing this dream of an outfit? I tell you where I think I'd be going - to afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria BC, Canada. To sit among the ladies and gentlemen wearing their afternoon best, enjoying salmon and cream cheese sandwiches and petite fours and a hardy English Breakfast tea with milk and 2 lumps, served in a delicate, floral bone china cup from England. After tea, we'd take a turn through a nearby garden or along the waterfront in the warm summer sun. Your turn! Leave a comment - where are you off to in this wonderful suit?

Photo is courtesy of the May 1998 issue of Victoria magazine.

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