Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A 1920's French Bakery Station

...at least, that is what I feel it is. Kind of French looking - very Shabby Chic.

I think Rachel Ashwell would be proud of me!!

I took in a renter (Jon) who is now occupying the bedroom up under the eaves and as a "thank you" for welcoming him into my home, he gifted this beautiful piece to me!!
(he loves old furniture and has a rented storage room full of unique pieces)

It is naturally crackled in a soft cream with a matching patterned glass back splash. The metal towel bar and handle have a beautiful patina. He wants to do a few repairs on it for me and then he said I am free to paint it or do whatever I want with it!
I will have to think about this...might just leave as-is! I know it will be a sideboard in the dining area and will hold a silver tray with glass & silver liquor decanters on it.
The white marble is cracked but I LOVE it anyways and it will stay - Jon will clean the crack so it's not so obvious.

I feel so lucky to have this piece!!

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  1. So nice to have found your blog. I read a lot of your posts and am inspired by your decorating and writing style. I am following you now and will put you on my sidebar so I can keep tabs on your latest decorating projects. I love the look you have, and I enjoyed reading about your hutch and your bedroom and all.