Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dreams of a Vacation

It happens every year for me, about this time. Christmas is over, the new year upon us and I start to get spring fever. My cats already have it - they have been racing through the house at break-neck speeds, springing up and over furniture. I hear meowling (half meow-half howl) coming from the windowsills as flicking tails part the curtains.
I feel like meowling myself right now!
The arrival in the mail of the new Jung's seed catalog isn't helping - I am planning to get that new hydrangea on the cover...

I could use a vacation but none are in sight for me. Still, I can dream!
If I could be on my way any where right now, it would be the French Riviera - how about you?

Here's a fun collage I put together of my dream vacation on the Riviera.

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