Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Turning my thoughts to House Projects

The ornaments are down and put away until next year and now my thoughts turn to the projects I had put on hold while I enjoyed the holiday season. I work best when under pressure and so I decided to add some pressure to ensure some of those "on-hold" projects get done in a timely manner! I have a large yard in dire need of help so I hope to spend spring and summer outside tending to it, so, having the interior projects done before we thaw out will help me concentrate on the yard when the time comes. I've decided to have a February tea party! Nothing will make me whip the rooms into shape faster then the thought of 30 style-savvy women descending upon my little house, looking to see what I have accomplished! I have until February 20th to get a long list done but if I write on a calender what I'll do each night once home from work, I can make some progress. First up: finish that hutch! Second: finish painting the family room's walls and adding the stencil. Then there's the coffee table in need of a couple coats of white - and the cedar trunk that I want to turn into a replica of a 17th C. dowry chest. OH! And the wallpaper needs to go up in the library. The list goes TV for a month!

I got some new CD's to keep my ears happy while I work - all 1940's pop and Big Band. Happy music! Then the new Country Curtains catalog came yesterday in the mail and in it I find the curtains I want for my library ("Sophia") to match the blue ticking wallpaper. And the "Apple Blossoms" linen curtains (in blue) for the living room... I see alot of people on other blogs talking about their "word for the year". My word for the year is "COMPLETION". I have alot of unfinished projects that I'd like to get done so I'm not embarrassed anymore when someone comes over and sees the same project half done as it was several months before when they last visited! hehe

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