Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last Summer Rose

The signs are here - autumn approaches.  There is that certain crispness in the air now, especially in the mornings.  The air smells different too...
...I sense more of the cold, northern ocean in it.
I have to close windows at night now and the spiders all want to come in. (eek!)
    The hydrangeas are fading on the bushes and there are leaves falling from a few trees already.  And the last roses are on the final rose bush in the back yard.  I brought a few in for us all to enjoy...
In the gloaming of a late summer's night,
There comes to me a pensive sight.
One stately lady in rose-flushed shades,
stands tall as the season slowly fades.
A patch, once florid, under the summer sun,
has sung its last, its swan song is done.
The last of the summer roses...

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