Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Delft Christmas Tree

After years of trying out various themes on my Christmas trees, I will finally bite the bullet and begin collecting what I have long wanted to collect but never did, for my tree.  
I found out, after researching Delft ornaments that they are not all made equally.  If it seems too cheap in price, it is SOURCED in Holland but made elsewhere (like china).  The new buzz word is "sourced" when the pieces are not actually made in that country, but the mother company is based there.  "Sourced" usually means "made in china" and no one wants that any more!  (I sure don't).

DeWit is one of the makers of Delft ornaments that comes with a certificate of authenticity and the ornaments will cost you around $36/each.  (The $6 ones are made in China - buyer beware!!)

I want to collect authentic Delft, still made in Holland and this tree shows a nice collection of real Delft.  I would add alot more white twinkle lights and maybe a blue velvet tree skirt! 
It may take awhile longer because of my budget, but I will have that satisfaction that my tree is authentic Delft of real quality and have some actual value!
(ps....the dogs are pretty cute too but although my five cats would approve of a Delft tree, they would shoot down my attempt to increase our family size with a bunch of snuffling, drooling, waggly tailed heathens!) (their words, not mine)

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