Monday, May 20, 2013

Slip Covering Some Dining Chairs

   I acquired these four dining room chairs through a small shop in Seattle for a killer price (on clearance for around $20/each) and I have to say they are very comfortable to sit on!
   BUT, they are peach and cream, friends, and anyone who knows me, knows my entire cottage is blue & white!
    So the stage was/is set for a transformation to fit them into the decor at Elinor Cottage.

I decided to start with a slip cover for each.  I will use my own fabric designs I have for sale on Spoonflower under my designer name, "Lilyoake", and each chair will be different as far as fabric.  But the same as far as design.

I ordered my design on 2 yards of Spoonflowers linen-cotton blend.  Its BEAUTIFUL.  Honestly - what a soft but tight weave. Its the perfect weight for slip covers and I might even have some printed up for curtains!

I chose my Jane's Rose Bouquet in blueberry blue for my first chair.  Its a big bouquet of roses in blueberry blues, on a lighter baby blue background.  The blues tend towards the red side as that is what I decorate Elinor Cottage with.

First step was to make a paper pattern I can than use on all four chairs as I go along.  Easy enough.  I taped together printer paper and traced the chair top and back. Trim it out and tweak from there.

Once that was done, I cut out my fabric pieces (I was nervous now too - cutting into this precious two yards!!  Were my measurements right? Was this going to work!?)

Once I managed to get it cut out and started sewing, it just came together.  I decided to add a small drop around the seat and then attach white piping and a more tailored, pleated ruffle (more to my taste).

The back was more of a challenge as I had not planned it as well and I wanted to make sure I was able to remove it easily enough for washing.  Since the chair frames will also get a make over with white and light blue chalk paint with details in gold leaf, I wanted parts of the frame to show through the slip cover so I planned accordingly.  (stay tuned for another posting of how I paint & gild the frame)

The result at the end of my weekend was a very pretty slip covered chair that now fits into my blue & white color scheme - and best of all, I got to use my own fabric design and the slip cover is machine washable!  (I pre-washed the fabric already too, to avoid excess shrinkage later.)

Now I will decide which of my other fabric designs to use next and order the next few yards.  (left over fabrics are becoming napkins and tea pot cozies or pillows!!)

I am very happy with the results!


  1. Cute slipcover! I LOVE your fabric. Going to check you out at spoonflower right now.


  2. I love your slipcover!! I think I will need to order some of your beautiful fabric! I just found a four poster bed and I am about to transform my son's room when he moves out and I think your fabric is perfect!! I have been thinking of painting the bed louis blue and the floors white! We share our love of blue and white! I can hardly wait to see what you do with your chalk paint as I am new to using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! Enjoy yourself working on your projects!!
    Cheers, Colette

    1. Dear Teresa & Colette, Thank you so much! I began designing my own fabric when I couldn't find what i wanted already on the market. Now I can get the designs and the colors I want for any project I might have.

      I would love to see or hear how your projects turn out! The bedroom, Colette, sounds like it would be wonderful! I have to admit I haven't bought the Annie Sloan chalk paint yet - i make my own using my colors I have used in my home for years, so everything matches. keep us updated!

  3. Your slipcover turned out beautiful. I have a hard time with upholstering the backs let alone a custom slipcover. The little ruffle is just perfect. Great inspiration.