Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring is for Lilacs

   My favorite flower, I wait for it all year round.
This year Mother Nature did not disappoint!
When one pays such close attention to their lilacs year after year, you discover how the winter before affects each bush or tree.  Last year we had a much colder, stormier winter and the common lilacs had heartier stems and more flowerettes.  The specialty lilacs bloomed profusely, except for the whites.  This past winter was mild and hardly cold compared to years past and the common lilacs now have more brittle branches and while they bloomed profusely, the flowerettes are not as long lasting. The smaller specialty lilacs didn't bloom at all but the whites and all the new lilacs I planted last year with the expectation they wouldn't bloom for a few years, are giving me the most beautiful displays now!

Here are a few I picked for the dining room mantle last Saturday.  Aren't they magnificent!?
You can only imagine how wonderful my home smells right now.
There are lilacs everywhere...I float from room to room thinking this must be what heaven is like.  Occasionally I see a cat butt on a table, sticking out of a vase...the kitties love them too...but mainly, I think, to drink their water! haha


  1. I love your lilacs!! They are so beautiful, especially on your mantel with the blue and white vases! I love all the different shades of lavender, white and pink! I have never seen a pink lilac! Our lilacs bloomed in March here in California and so I am really enjoying your lush blooms as an extended blooming time!! I have never had this many blooms ever and my white lilacs always bloom the heaviest!! My english roses have just started blooming their first magnificent bloom and I'm working on getting my hydrangeas to bloom a beautiful blue now!! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and enjoy your heavenly scent!!
    Cheers, Colette

    1. Dear Colette,
      We sound so alike! You just rattled off ALL the flowers I am now looking forward to seeing bloom in my own yard too! My hydrangeas always bloom blue so it must be something in my soil. ;)
      I found the really pink lilac at Lowes, of all places. And the specialty ones come from the Hulda Klager Lilac Farm in Washington state. This is such a happy time of year with all our beautiful flowers blooming, to brighten our days!