Friday, June 28, 2013

My Newest Blue & White Fabric and Wallpaper Designs

    After a lifelong love affair with lilacs (I chose my business name, "lilyOake" because its an ancient English folk name for the lilac), I decided it was time to do a lilac fabric design but I wanted it full color.  
      Introducing ""LilyOake" in blueberry blue.  
Its has an 8" repeat, so its not to large a pattern to use on many projects ranging in size and according to your ambition.  ;)
I included a sweet Victorian bumblebee and flutterby, as well as a faded back actual hand written letter by Marie Antoinette, in the background.  All on a blueberry blue.

      I also introduced 3 more designs this past week.  One is a big lazy swag of blue roses - a personal favorite of mine, I named "Catherine" in blueberry blue.  This is the pattern I think I will have wallpaper made in, for my own dining room.  As well as fabric printed in cotton twill or linen/cotton, to slip cover my antique settee.

My dining room is currently painted blue (an older discontinued color from Restoration Hardware named "Atmosphere Blue").  It works wonderfully with the white woodwork and trim, fireplace mantel and front door. So I will use "Catherine" with the blue background for the walls and the white background for the washable settee slip cover.  I am starting to design a series of fabrics named after my sisters and aunties.  Catherine is my oldest sister.

Also new this week is a light hearted pattern I call "Seaside Garden Stripe".  Small sprays of blue roses on a classic light blue and white background.  I think this would make marvelous curtains with matching wallpaper for a very feminine bedroom.
I would love to hear what you all think of my newest fabrics!  They are all available for purchase through my shop: LilyOake, on Spoonflower.  Just click HERE to see my collection of fabrics, wallpapers and wrapping paper designs!

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