Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Fabric for Slip Covers

      One of my newest fabric designs is called "May's Rose" in blueberry blue.  A soft  scattering of blue roses on a medium hued blueberry blue background.  I have four dining chairs that need slip covers to blend in with the rest of my blue & white home.  So far I have done one chair in my "Jane's Rose Bouquet".
     Here is "May's Rose" uncut, on the back of the next chair to be slip covered, next to the first one I did a month ago.

      Designing one's own fabric is very exciting and rewarding when you  begin transforming your home into what you have always seen in your mind's eye.  You have control over pattern, color and dimension.

My next project will involve designing a blue & white chinoiserie wallpaper for the family room and a simple Swedish stripe floral for the dining room.

Let me know what you think!  Visit my collection on Spoonflower,  here

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