Saturday, January 18, 2014

NEW 2014 Fabrics in navy!

Happy New Year, friends.
 (I think I'm OK to say that if it's still January).

I have started the new year off with a bang - lots of new projects under way.
The one I have been concentrating on the most involves expanding my horizon in fabric design beyond the usual Blueberry Blue colorway that fills my Spoonflower shop, LilyOake!

Lilyoake on Spoonflower

The new direction still involves designing with blue and white, but now includes a rich navy with which I also plan on printing on silk, cotton voile and knits to sew clothing with, in order to add one-of-a-kind detail and pattern to my all navy and white wardrobe!

I have designed a collection of navy and white florals that would work beautifully for romantic dresses and feminine wrap front tops or silk scarves!

But they would also make fabulous wallpapers or linen slipcovers.
The possibilities are only limited by your imagination (and perhaps, limited sewing skills, hahaha)

I'd love feedback and also am open to suggestions on patterns, or if you need a certain look or pattern for a wedding or house project.

Have a great day, and I do hope you enjoy my new designs!


  1. I loooove your beautiful blue and white designs!! You have definitely inspired me to make some clothing in your florals! Of course I need to make blue and white quilts, one with Curly leaf and another with Theodora! Hopefully for this summer as my daughters room has been newly painted with a white floor and I think the navy/white quilt will just pop on her white 4 poster bed!! Wishing you a wonderful New Year for 2014! Looks like you are off to a great start!
    Cheers, Colette

  2. I just received my Rococo Rose tea towel. Oh, I just love it from the moment I opened the package. I'm using it as a table cloth on a marble top Victorian table in the kitchen--I want more, many, many more. Thank you LilyOake!

  3. How wonderful to hear!! I am so excited for your support and for displaying my art in your home. Aren't tea towels the prettiest and most useful of kitchen items!?