Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring projects

With an eye on the weather, hoping for a chance to dash out to the yard and begin cutting back roses, dead-heading hydrangeas and preparing the bed for the vegetable garden, I am keeping as busy as I possibly can be indoors, with my newest designs in
tea towels for my ETSY shop!

Right now I'm sticking to spring styles and colors
because that's where my mind is.  
Flowers, birds, pale clear colors, blues...
I'm sure you'll all understand where I'm coming from!  

In the world of graphic design, I have been taught to design
out of season because wholesale markets are always at
least 6 months ahead of what you're buying for.
But with my ETSY shop, I have the freedom to go with the flow of the season if I want, because its all on my own time.

Here is the link to my ETSY shop where I have a few tea towels for sale, currently. Many more will be added over the next few weekends as I sew on bindings and photograph.
I'm always working on new fabric designs for my 
LilyOake Spoonflower shop too, and will be
featuring hand sewn slip covers made from my
Caroline Bouquet
fabric printed on heavy weight cotton twill, and curtains made
from my Theodora in blueberry blue.

With warmer temps hitting Seattle (upper 50's) and some sun, it's an inspiration to get in the art studio and create.

My newest tea towels are not only great for displaying on hooks or drying off your most beautiful porcelain, they also make wonderful serving tray or bread basket liners,
a pretty cloth for a dresser top
or a napkin or placemat at the table.  
Use one to wrap a special gift for someone 
or convert into an apron or a cushion.
There are so many uses for a pretty tea towel!

LilyOake tea towels are 55% linen/45% cotton and are roughly 17" x 28", depending on how I finish the edges.  They are truly, completely designed by me, (some feature my own paintings, like the blue and white plates), are printed in the USA and finished by hand, by me, in my tiny yet pretty blue & white floral wallpapered art studio,

Let me know what you think and please check out my ETSY shop for new designs, as I am adding them each week.

I'd love to hear how you use your best tea towels!

A sampling of my tea towel designs:

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  1. What lovely patterns you make. I am nearly breathless.
    Are you producing your artwork with a compan or du you have a company of your own