Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hutch Project Update

Wow, I thought I had updated this blog after August but I see I have not and am so sorry!
How boring I have become!!
I have been pretty busy on home projects as well as new ETSY cards (will post for sale my Victorian-inspired Christmas pop up cards this next weekend).
In the mean time, I am making slow progress on the hutch - still working on the topper, can you believe it? I finally got it painted white and was able to move on to the details. I added pale blue accents on some trim (Atmosphere Blue by Restoration Hardware). I also used left over wallpaper from my bedroom project to line the inside with.
I love how it turned out!! I always wanted a piece of furniture like this. All I had to do was create it myself. ;-)
I also added some carved wooden flourishes/trim to the 2 sides - had to search high and low for thin enough trim to complete the look. Found it at JoAnn Fabrics in their wood craft section. Had to hand miter these tiny corners with a right angle triangle and a craft knife! Next up will be the gold leaf - the side trim/flourishes will be gold as well as some trim pieces on the front. The step after that will be to add hand painted roses on the sides, in between the flourishes. I have a copyright free book on Redoute's flowers and will copy closely some of his pale pink tea roses in acrylic. Then I have to start the whole process all over again with the hutch's bottom half, which sits a few feet away in it's still original condition. I hope I get this done by Christmas. It will be my gift to myself.

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