Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wall Stencil

As work progresses on the family room furniture (the hutch) and the floor is now complete (the tile) I have begun to paint the walls. I chose Waverly's "Cottage Linen White". I know, I know - white can be boring but it's what this room really needs as I want to keep it light and airy. The ceiling is low but I still chose to paint it "Atmosphere Blue" by Restoration Hardware. It worked beautifully and one doesn't even notice it until one sits down and looks up! It like that the blue ceiling adds a little color and interest. I have a couple of swallows (birds) color copied off which I will decoupage to the ceiling in a few spots. I temporarily taped one to the ceiling in my art studio and one of my cats sat and stared at it for hours. I felt sorry for him after awhile and took it down so he'd come out of the spell it had cast over him and he could go eat and sleep like he should have been doing on a rainy weekend afternoon! I have decided to stencil a simple pale blue pattern on the walls in the family room, to break up the expanse of white. ( I am using "Atmosphere Blue", of course.)
It's a simple, small stencil from JoAnn Fabric's craft section. I have added it to one wall so far and love how it looks.

It is very Swedish country.

If I feel the need to soften it, I will brush over it with a coat of RL's "Sunfade". Not even sure if it's sold any more as I have had that can for years! (it's still good to use). It adds a milky white layer that "fades" color and pattern to make it look like it's sat in direct sunlight for 10 years running.

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