Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New Dresser

Oh boy, I just keep adding the furniture to my collection! But look at this beauty! She's long and graceful with Rococo lines.
(I LOVE shopping on Craigslist!!) And the best part, she's already painted white so I don't have another project on my hands!! (although I would have done a better job at applying that paint) Or do I? OK, confession time - it will not stay just plain white forever. I will add some details as time progresses. I will add some gold leaf, of course, and perhaps some carved and painted trim on the sides. Maybe something hand painted too, like some wildflowers. And the drawers will need to be lined. I have a lovely blue and white toile wrapping paper I use on everything, including lining drawers. But this time I think I might do something different. I love cotton quilting fabrics and am thinking I might get a yard of six colorways and patterns and use decoupage glue to line each drawer.
Some pale blue roses, a pink chintz, maybe sunny yellow stripes and a pale green leafy pattern. Doesn't that sound fun!? Each drawer would look different when pulled open. Stay tuned...

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