Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lace Curtains and Plain Cotton

I have also made up my mind as to what kind of curtains will hang in the library and living room.
The sunny library will also be my studio/work room so I do not want to darken it in any way so I found a great deal on white lace panels from Brylane Home.
In the living room, which faces north and east, it is darker, especially with the walls painted a pale purplish-blue. the woodwork, trim, Georgian style fireplace and slipcovers are mostly white so I decided white curtains would work best.
I found plain white panels on Country Curtains website and decided that if they needed some details, I could add little sew-on or glue-on embroidered baby blue bees or flower springs.
But first I'll hang them and see how they look. Right now I have IKEA white sheers and they look fine but they give no privacy....

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