Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Sheets

I love new sheets on a bed - freshly laundered and soft, in a lovely pattern. I found this set of RL blue rose/floral sheets at TJ Maxx about a week back and couldn't believe my luck - they match my room like they were made for it!
As you can see, the kitties loved them too...


  1. Those sheets are gorgeous. Don't you just love RL when you find his stuff at Marshalls or TJ's??

  2. Yes! Just found a RL twin comforter set at TJ Maxx this weekend - perfect for the room I'll be renting out to a foreign exchange student! And also just found an RL blue/white gingham down pillow too - scored big time! :)

  3. How much were they at TJ Maxx? on Ebay, they're.... $70-$80 but only 300 thread count.