Monday, February 21, 2011

Tea Party Set Up

Here are photos from Sunday's tea party - of course I was unable to snap any photos once people arrived because I was too busy brewing tea, answering the door and directing people to the food table! Besides, I am not sure everyone wants their photo posted online for all to see. ;)

I was busy Thursday and Friday cleaning house and baking. I made fairy cakes, jam cookies, fudge, lemon-lime cookies, cherry coconut macaroons, smoked salmon and halibut sandwiches on mini croissants, egg salad sandwiches and a plate or cheese and sliced fruit.

Teas included Scottish breakfast, English breakfast, York Black, Jasmine and Early Grey. I had around 19 people show up and it was so exciting - so many guests brought me flowers or plants I was overwhelmed. The hydrangeas and roses I bought from the Met Market on Queen Anne Hill were also beautiful!

I do not have the hutch finished yet but I did get the base painted white so that I could stack the topper on it and use it for the party - I can't wait to get the whole thing done because it really made a lot of room with the two pieces stacked on one wall. I made a small sign for the hutch to let people know it was a "work in progress".
Tea cups were stacked inside on the first tier while plates and napkins were below. Tea pots/sugar/cream/honey was lined up on the sideboard while the food was laid out on the table. I made small tags for each tea pot so people knew what tea they were drinking.

Most people arrived right at 2 PM and most were gone by 5 PM except for a few friends who I invited to sit awhile in front of the fire and chat by candlelight. It was cozy and relaxing. I hope everyone had fun - I sure enjoyed hosting the tea!


  1. So beautiful! The food looks delicious. Thank you for sharing such a lovely tea party.
    Have a blessed week!

  2. Looks like a great tea party. I am interested in your hutch. Looks like you are gilding it, and that is very cool.

  3. Hi! Yes, the hutch is still being gilded - a ways to go! The base is at least painted white and will receive the blue and gold gilded hi-lites as soon as the top is done. Then since its a composite gold leaf, I will lacquer over it to avoid tarnishing 10 years down the road. I use Crystalfin's non-toxic acrylic-based lacquer. It's not cheap but you can clean up with water/soap. It comes in sheens from matte, satin, semi-gloss as well as high gloss.