Friday, March 9, 2012

Custom Fabric

I know of a few websites were you can upload your own designs and choose various fabrics to have the designs printed on.
I chose Spoonflower.
I currently have 3 designs with them, two of which other people have bought to do their projects with!
That commission I earned, combined with a designer discount and another 20% off for ordering 20+ yards at once, got me 20 yards of my own custom cotton fabric for $300.
I chose the quilting weight cotton because its what my budget allowed.  If I had a bigger budget, I would have gone with the cotton/linen blend which is $10 more per yard.  I ordered a sample yard in this blend last year and it has a wonderful drape and feel to the hand.

With our bedroom moving upstairs to make room for our niece moving in one of the downstairs bedrooms and our college student renter moving into our old room, I wanted to make the new room which has far less space, coordinated so its easy on the eye.
It also gave me a great excuse to do more decorating in blue & white.

This cotton fabric is on a soft white background with faded watercolor roses in a soft blue that tends towards the purple (I love the Shabby Chic shade of blue too but it's more turquoise then I care for).
The blue I like fades like denim....more on the warmer, purple side.
If you like Restoration Hardware's old paint color "Atmosphere Blue", you will know what I mean.

I will make bed curtains to hang on either side of the built in bed platform which sits in an alcove and then a single panel for the window.  I ordered inexpensive lace panels/rose pattern in white from Brylane Home to go behind each panel/curtain.

I will post the final product when its done!

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