Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Sofa

 I have been waiting all year to get this new sofa for the family room and am so glad I finally bought it.
It's not that it was too expensive (because it's from IKEA, and its NOT), but it just wasn't the right time to go get it.
But now, with spring coming and spring cleaning going on around the house, we are ready to take the old broken sofa to the dump and replace it with something clean, comfy and big enough for at least two people and a few cats to lounge on at the same time.
It's from IKEA's Ektorp collection.  Slip-covered and washable - that's what I am all about!  This cotton twill cover is very durable and washes well.  I keep the love seat I already have in the living room white as white can be with Mrs Stewart's bluing agent.
If someday the white becomes too soiled or I tire of it, I can simply dip it into some RIT dye and make it baby blue, so it still matches my blue and white home.
Although for $99 I can have an extra slip cover...might be well worth investing in.
I have three covers for the love seat.

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