Monday, April 9, 2012

Blue & White

I love Victoria magazine and have every copy 
(plus spares) since the premiere issue in 1987.
I even remember buying the premiere issue when I first saw
it in a store in The Dalles, Oregon.
I was with my (now ex) husband visiting his family in Hood River when we went to The Dalles for some now unremembered reason
and I needed something to read so badly!  But I wasn't just looking for something to read, I was desperate for inspiration and a direction in which to take in decorating my own home. I needed what Victoria offered and I have been a subscriber ever since!

My favorite issues over the years became obvious:  the blue & white issues that came out in June or July (depending on the year).
I have to say the June 1995 issue still remains a favorite with me.  It has spectacular photography and features the most incredible romantic rooms, accessories and fashions in all shades
of blue and white.
Here are a few high lights from a favorite article within this issue:  an at-home wedding where everything is...yes...
blue & white!
The front cover of Victoria magazine, June 1995
A wispy blue floral silk dress
Heart shaped tea sandwiches!
A traditional living room with navy striped sofas
A classic fitted silk jacket in baby blue
An ethereal overlay skirt with matching scarf

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