Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Goodie Drawer

Does every kitchen have a "goodie drawer"?
I know a few that do.  I do.
To dedicate one drawer to "goodies" is taking away from the functionality of the tiny space.
And although mine isn't that organized or pretty (I have a VERY small galley kitchen with cabinets still original to 1950 when my cottage was first built), its still fun to pull open and gaze into. 

I have it filled with tea strainers, colored twines, mother-of-pearl handled knives and silver sugar tongs.  But mostly its filled with the English Sheffield porcelain handled serving pieces I have collected for 22 years now.  I sold half the collection (about 50 pieces) 2 years ago and kept just the pieces I really love.
The handles are all in shades of blue.  Some are the Florentine pattern in pale blue with multi-colored painted floral and gold details, as well as a cobalt/indigo handle with the same floral and gold details, or a Blue Onion pattern.
My most prized piece is the double sided ladle.
I also have a Victorian cake cutter, several cheese planes and bread knives, a grapefruit knife and butter knives or teaspoons, a Springerle wood cookie mold....
I will feature the pieces in the next few entries on this blog.

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