Friday, May 25, 2012

Country Farmhouse

I know this darling farmhouse has made the rounds before in some blogs but I thought it worth bringing back for another looksie.
(its from the 2008 Cottage Style special edition by Meredith)
I am enamoured of this old Victorian farmhouse - not unlike the ones I grew up around in rural Wisconsin.
The owners have brought in light and life to this beauty and made her fun and livable with the simple primary color scheme.
This will never go out of style, IMHO. :)
I aspire to make my cottage as light and fun, although my colors are a bit different from these
I do have mostly white furniture and use classic red as an accent only, but my blue is a pale Swedish hue.  I also love touches of gold leaf for a more Gustavian feel.  But the rest is casual and comfy.

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