Friday, May 11, 2012

Pink Stripes and Toile

I am not usually one to post about or get excited about any color scheme other then blue & white but to be fair, pink can be a lovely color to use throughout a home. I found these pink stripes (and a bit of toile too) inspiring and very pretty.  Pink definitely has its appeal and I can see why some people obsess over it as I do over blue & white!
I adore these multi-hued pink stripes on this chair with modern lines. Takes the boredom out of the lines and adds life!  The floral cushion adds more spark too.

This is an all-time favorite dining room for me.  The simpleness of the pink and white stripes is what makes it a restful room, and the touches of gilt add an old world/old money flavor.  Even the curtains are striped - its impossible to tell from this image but they are like a pink and white ticking stripe.

Nothing is so sweet as this Swedish country house sitting room with it's vintage floral wallpaper, bare, scrubbed pine floors and white painted furniture with gilded details.  The simple Swedish sofa with the pink stripes would be a welcome spot to sit and enjoy afternoon tea.

I have to toss in some toile!  This is more of a raspberry hue but can still be in the pink family. It works best when paired with white furniture, I think.  Love that beadboard in the hallway...

A little white paint and wide pink stripes make this otherwise imposing piece of furniture a lovely, inviting place to sit.

Normally I would think wide horizontal stripes on a wall would be way too modern and overbearing but in this case it works, and works well!  It helps to paint them in a lighter hue and keep furnishings in the room to a minimum and all painted a fresh white so there is no competition with the walls. The plaid fabric blind adds just enough interest without stealing the show.

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