Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summery Stripes in Blue and White

With the in-home art studio tour over with and a small craft fair this weekend, I have had little time for home projects, other then cleaning and getting art ready!
But Memorial Day afternoon I took some time for myself to sew the slipcover for an ottoman I had found at Goodwill in Edmonds for $5!
It was in like-new condition but was an awful color (that 1970's burnt orange velveteen look).

That had to change!
Luckily I have been teaching myself how to sew slipcovers so that ended up being an easier solution then reupholstering it.

So after considering my many designs in my Spoonflower shop, LilyOake, I decided to go with blue and white stripes.
There's a strong possibility this ottoman (and the chair I'm pairing it with) will be floaters in the house and it needed to fit in each room.
I use the same light blue and white in each room but in different floral patterns so stripes seemed to be the perfect fabric.

I designed Signe Stripe in blueberry and white, to use as wallpaper, originally.  But it also makes a fabulous linen cotton canvas slipcover.

After studying various designs of slipcovers online, I decided I wanted something airy, summery and easy.
So I chose a simple, slightly gathered skirt that dropped to the floor.  I did add light blue piping which picks up one of the blues in the stripes (there are 3 subtly different shades).

As soon as my yardage arrives for the chair, I will sew a cover from the same stripe to make a matching set! (even though that fabulous wide-seat chair was found on Craigslist for $35).

I provided a "before" photo so you could see what I am starting with, both chair and ottoman.

Here's a link to Signe Stripe in blueberry, in my Spoonflower shop, LilyOake Signe Stripe

Slipcover is made with a linen cotton canvas

A simply gathered skirt and piping - perfect summery look!

On the sewing machine. Piping and skirt is on, now for the hem!

Sewing on piping is not my favorite thing to do but I love the look. My new Bernina's piping foot is difficult to use. I sure miss my old Singer's piping foot, but not the machine!
BEFORE - the ottoman and chair I am trying to match up!  The unifier will be Signe Stripe slipcovers.

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